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Enter and win the chance to perform with one of Hollywood’s biggest composers and a symphony orchestra!

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As Hollywood composer James Newton Howard is preparing for his first ever live concert tour, it begs the question: who will be singing his track from the Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 1, The Hanging Tree? Originally sung by Jennifer Lawrence in the movie, the lullaby became the biggest musical hit of the series, peaking at number 12 in the Billboard Hot 100. And now the song could be your chance to perform together with a complete symphony orchestra and a full choir!

The competition to find a singer to perform “The Hanging Tree” at James Newton Howard’s very first live concerts in Europe starts here.
Choose a location you would like to audition for, carefully read the rules and participate!

The Hanging Tree
by The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1

We are looking for the right person to sing Jennifer Lawrence’s part during James’ concerts in several cities on the tour. Are you a woman, older than 18 and available for the rehearsals and the show? Here is how to get chosen:

  1. Choose the location for which you would like to audition.
  2. Carefully read & agree to the rules of the competition.
  3. Record a video of yourself singing “The Hanging Tree”, a capella, in the original key. Important – the video can not be longer than 3,5 minutes!
  4. Upload the video on Youtube or Vimeo and send us a link, along with a completed questionnaire form.

Five semi- finalists per location will be preselected. James will then personally pick a winner!
*Semi-finalists will possibly be featured on James’ website and/or James’ official Facebook page.

Participating cities

Country + CityConcert DateCompetition Closes
The Netherlands – AmsterdamNov 07th 2017 - Sep 15th 2017Sep 15th 2017
France – ParisNov 10th 2017 - Sep 30th 2017Sep 30th 2017
Antwerp – BelgiumNov 11th 2017 - Oct 15th 2017Oct 15th 2017
Czech Republic – PragueNov 19th 2017 - Sep 30th 2017Sep 30th 2017
Germany – BerlinNov 21st 2017 - Sep 15th 2017Sep 15th 2017
Germany – MunichNov 22nd 2017 - Sep 17th 2017Sep 17th 2017
Germany – MannheimNov 23rd 2017 - Sep 15th 2017Sep 15th 2017
Austria – ViennaNov 25th 2017 - Sep 15th 2017Sep 15th 2017
Poland – KrakowNov 26th 2017 - Oct 15th 2017Oct 15th 2017
Poland – WarsawNov 27th 2017 - Oct 15th 2017Oct 15th 2017
Germany – HamburgNov 29th 2017 - Sep 15th 2017Sep 15th 2017
Germany – DüsseldorfNov 30th 2017 - Sep 15th 2017Sep 15th 2017
Germany – FrankfurtDec 01st 2017 - Sep 15th 2017Sep 15th 2017

Participation form

Musical education background (e.g. Have you had any musical education? What kind? For how long? Can you read notes? Have you ever sung in a public performance?)


The Hanging Tree singing competition.

  • The Competition.
    • The competition’s goal is to find a singer to perform “The Hanging Tree” at James Newton Howard’s concert during his 3 Decades of Music for Hollywood European tour (“the Show”). The competition takes the form of a singing contest between aspiring singers.
    • The competition is produced by GEA Live (“the Organizers”).
      James Newton Howard’s 3 Decades of Music for Hollywood tour will take place in November and December of 2017, in 15 different cities in Europe.
    • The competition is open to every woman who is at least 18 years old. This person must be available for a period of 3 (three) consecutive days , which would include the concert date itself, as well as 2 days prior to the concert date. A contestant must be willing and able to perform live in front of a large audience.
    • Contestants are not obliged to live in the city they choose to audition for, but the Organizers will not be responsible for the winner’s transportation to and accommodation in the concert city.
    • Applicants for each location will be narrowed down to 5 semi-finalists by the Organizers and all semi-finalists will receive a written notice from the Organizers within the weeks after the competition has been closed.
      James will personally choose a winner and all semi-finalists as well as the winner will be notified about the final results via email.
      Applicants that are not selected as finalists are not contacted over email or any other way.
  • Requirements

    Contestants must meet the following requirements:

    • Contestant is a female, 18 years or older.
    • Contestant cannot be associated with any of the Organizers.
    • Contestant does not have a criminal record.
    • Contestant is not prevented in any way to be a part of the concert, nor does she in any way prevented from the rehearsing, staging, distribution and (possible) public broadcasting of the concert.
  • Participation rules
    • During the competition period all aspiring contestants can fill out the form and upload a video of themselves singing The Hanging Tree on Youtube/Vimeo/another online video platform; they then send a completed form and a link to the Organizers via competition page on James’ website.
    • The video audition must consist of footage of a candidate singing the “Hanging Tree” song a capella, in the original key, and cannot be longer than 3,5 minutes.
    • The video links can be public as well as password protected, , as long as a candidate can send a valid link to the Organizers.
    • The link & applicant form can only be submitted via the competition page after each candidate agrees to the terms and conditions of the competition.
  • Claims

    Contestants that are not selected for the shortlist or chosen as a winner do not have any right to make claims against the Organizers.

  • The assessment

    Contestants selected as semi-finalists and /or finalist will receive information about the final assessment via e-mail.

  • Television and radio recordings
    • The Organizers are planning to possibly cooperate with radio partners, social media partners and/or television partners for the promotion of the competition. All contestants agree to cooperate with any audio/visual recordings associated with the competition
    • The Contestants agree to grant all broadcasting, reproduction, distribution and recording rights to the Organizers, including their own audition video.
  • Permissions and Restrictions
    • By participating in the competition, contestants give their consent to all promotional activities in connection with the competition to be recorded.
    • Contestants will abide by the rules explained to them by the Organizer’s production team, during the full cycle of the competition, from audition to the final performance.
    • The Organizers have the right to remove any contestant from the competition whenever they wish to do so, when a contestant shows aggressive and/or impolite behavior towards the Organizers, other contestants, or the audience; when a contestant violates any of the rules and regulations; or when a contestant shows offensive behavior.
    • A contestant may also be removed from the competition when she engages in expressions that are offensive in relation to race, gender, religion, or political beliefs. The Organizers have the right to take legal steps against contestants as a result of damages, including damages to image, suffered by the Organizers because of these expressions.
    • Contestants are not allowed to wear any clothes with a visible brand or logo, and are not allowed to name or show any branded product, or to include any type of advertising in the competition.
    • Contestants are not allowed to engage in any kind of paid interaction in exchange for promotion of any third party product. Should a contestant engage in a similar interaction against these regulations, the Organizers reserve the right to seek any damages the may suffer as result of such breach by a contestant.
    • The organisers have the right to determine the clothing of the candidates at appropriate moments (including but not limited to: rehearsals, concert perfromance, etc), and a contestant must oblige.
  • Changes of the regulations

    Changes in the production can lead to changes of these rules and regulations. The Organizers shall communicate these changes to all contestants in written form, after which such changes become binding.

  • Cancellation of the competition

    The Organizers have the right to cancel the competition at any time, at their discretion, or due to force majeure. Contestants will be notified by email and a notice on the website. In such a case, contestants cannot make claims of any form against the Organizers.



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